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Braver is a personalized, flexible outpatient program built around exposure therapy-the treatment that has been proven most helpful for anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder.
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Helping anxious kids is an urgent challenge
1 out of 3
kids has anxiety that disrupts their daily lives.
Before COVID statistics
Exposure therapy works
Pediatric Anxiety
Reduction in symptom severity
Children that are much or very much improved
12 week trial, NEJM, 2008
Pediatric OCD
Reduction in symptom severity
Children that entered remission
12 week trial, JAMA, 2004
Only 1 out of 5
anxious kids receives some kind of treatment.
Before COVID statistics
Less than 1 out of 4
kids treated for anxiety actually receive exposure therapy.
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All Braver services are in-network.
All Braver services except group visits are in-network. Affordable group visit subscription pricing is available.
Visits with Braver psychologists and psychiatrists are in-network, including intake, orientation, family therapy, and medication appointments. Affordable private & group coach visit subscription pricing is available.
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featured in
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Hannah Goodman, LMHC, MEd
Recently I’ve had the opportunity to work with Dr. Garcia and Coach Josie while coordinating care for a mutual patient and together they make a seamless team! During our meeting they offered invaluable insights and observations about the patient and asked important, pointed questions regarding my work with this person. We were able to easily coordinate how we can best support this patient so that our work wouldn’t be redundant or overlapping. We each identified which aspects of care we would target and then made a plan to connect in the future as needed.
I highly recommend the Braver program and feel it is the piece that has been missing in outpatient care for children and young adults who need exposure therapy in order to get back to their lives!
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