Now treating patients in Rhode Island & Massachusetts
Our Mission
To solve the twin crises of access to care and quality of care in the child anxiety epidemic.
Our Vision
All anxious kids will access effective treatment by 2030.
Our Values
Be Real
Come as you are. The willingness to be vulnerable and make mistakes creates opportunities for curiosity, joy, delight, connection, and purpose.
Choose the Challenge
Seek worthy risks. Every situation, even ones we find difficult, creates choices, and each choice is just the first step of many on a longer journey. We strive to create chances for all of us to choose our challenges, rise to the occasion, and set new goals in new ways. We all can do hard things.
Empower Growth
Everyone has a role in the journey. Our team of providers, patients, family members, and peers are all working toward empowering one another with knowledge, support, and compassion. We can all be a part of the solutions we seek, and a new community of caring, powerful people.
Reinvent the Rules
Some rules need to be reimagined, reformed, or rewritten altogether. Bad rules, like the rules anxiety traps us in, can suffocate better options in a smoke screen. We question rules, challenge the status quo, and devise alternatives.
Raise the Standard
The field of mental healthcare suffers from an overwhelming and worsening absence of care. We set the bar higher for ourselves, and aspire to serve as an example of what more effective, accessible, sustainable care can be and how good care catapults into good outcomes.
Ready to Participate?
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