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Break the Cycle
Exposure therapy helps kids and families recognize and break the anxiety cycle. In the anxiety cycle, kids get stuck trying to avoid or escape uncomfortable situations and end up losing out on important and enjoyable parts of their lives. Exposure therapy helps them break free of this cycle using a tool we call Braver Challenges.
Braver coach and patient doing a Braver Challenge (exposure) - confronting social anxiety at a deli
Challenge Your Fears
Braver Challenges are a collaboration between kids, families, and the Braver team carefully designed to start facing fears instead of running away from them. With each Braver Challenge, kids and families learn to tolerate discomfort and take back their lives from anxiety. In addition to working on their Challenges in family sessions, kids participate in group sessions supporting and motivating one another.
Braver coach and patient doing a Braver Challenge (exposure) - confronting contamination fear at a trash dumpster
Get Support
Your Personalized Braver team includes:
A Psychologist
A licensed expert in evaluating and treating pediatric mental health conditions who helps your family choose the right Challenges and make changes shown to support successful treatment.
A Braver Coach
Your psychologist supervises your Braver Coach, who works closely with you to complete your Challenges. Your Braver Coach meets with you in person at your home or wherever you need support, as well as online or by phone and at Braver's offices in Riverside, Rhode Island.
Your Braver team can also include a child psychiatrist able to prescribe medications if/as needed.
Braver coaches, clinicians, and patients at work and in action.
Ready to Participate?
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