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brady skate
We’re your team
Your whole Braver team works together to support you and includes a Psychologist, a Mobile Exposure Coach, and a Psychiatrist if needed. In fact, everyone at Braver is behind you!
We show up where you need us
At Braver we believe that too much virtual interaction, especially during the covid pandemic, has left kids with less experience and resilience facing everyday challenges. While Braver employs a hybrid approach, with some sessions delivered via telehealth, the real magic happens in person - in your home, at school, at the local gymnasium, or wherever your anxiety rears its ugly head.
We use everything that works
Our services are tailored to anxious kids: exposure therapy, parent training, groups with other kids fighting anxiety, and medications as needed are all key to Braver and available to each family.
We keep our eyes on the prize
Our training, treatments, and specialized tools are designed to achieve one goal: helping families beat anxiety. That helps us all stay focused and get the job done.
We’re do-ers
Beating anxiety is more about taking action than talking it over again and again. Braver sessions can feel more like, say, learning to skateboard than having a chat. Sometimes you fall down, but you can still have fun while getting braver.
Ready to Participate?
Get in touch with us to discover if Braver's treatment program is right for you and your family.